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Together- Lets End the Polio, 24 October, 2022

Poliomyelitis, commonly in shorten form known as polio.  It is an infectious disease caused by Poliovirus.  Maximum 70% cases are asymptomatic , mild symptoms like sore throat and fever,  in serious cases like headache, neck stiffness and more likely paresthesia. it occurs only in humans. Polio spread person to person …

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Reason behind India’s Partition and how they celebrated 15thAug,1947?

Indian self-reliance has alot of series along historical events with final targeting to end the British Rule. It cerified from 1857 – 1947.  India’s first jingoistic comprehensive  gasture for freedom emerged from Bangal. India exist in colonial rule befor its independence. Well, we see during the ear of World War …

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Why and How Pakistani’s celebrate 14th August1947 ?

Hey, today all of us have a big day as a one nation and its called “YOUM-E-ISTAIQLAL” means  Independence Day.  MUHAMMAD  ALI  JINNAH is the name who fougth for our own identity and he did it.  Hindus and Muslims both are diffrent in their ideologies as well as in religious …

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